Baby Bottle Drive

You can host your own baby bottle drive in five easy steps!
This is a perfect fundraiser for a church. Here's how to start:

When: Lent, Mother’s Day, Respect Life Month? You choose what works with your church calendar.

How Many: Talk to us about an easy way to determine the number of bottles you’ll need! We provide the bottles to your organization. We can also provide a URL for donors to donate specifically to your church’s drive via a secure link.

Announce in the bulletin and from the pulput leading up to the weekend – we can provide suggested announcements for you. Put an announcement on your website as well! Spread the word through other organizations about your project!

Set up an information table and a bottle distribution area at each exit with the baby bottles – we can provide you with bassinets, posters, decor, etc. for display!

Enlist volunteers to give out the bottles at each exit at the end of your church service. We can come speak briefly at each service (or Sunda School hour) a very short talk giving info on the work being done at the center and being available to answer any questions. Or, we can simply be available before and after services to answer questions.

Set a collection date and set up a display to collect the baby bottles! We provide baskets for the returned bottles.

We have found the best window of time is to allow 2-4 weeks between bottle distribution and bottle collection. Have volunteers at each exit before Mass or your church service to collect the bottles as people are walking in. Have volunteers (or the parish staff in some cases) collect the bottles at each mass or service.

AOH will come to you to pick up the bottles and process all gifts. We send thank you letters and provide a total amount raised.

After the money is donated to Anchor of Hope, let your community know how much they raised for women and families in the area! We can provide a bulletin copy with examples of the women and babies they just helped.

We are here to help you make this a successful and exciting program at your parish or church – any questions or concerns please give us a call at 920-452-4673.

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