Anchor of hope Community Impact

The goal of Anchor of Hope’s Community Education program is to champion Sexual Risk Avoidance education as the best approach to help middle school and high school aged students acquire the necessary skills and tools to delay sexual activity and experience healthy relationships.

This evidence-based approach to sexual health education is designed for teenagers and pre-teens. The program promotes holistic wellness and empowers youth to make healthy decisions about sex and relationships for positive life outcomes.

Programs will include topics such as healthy relationships and dating, STI/STD prevention, women’s hormonal health, sex and social media, teen safety, and much more. Please check back for more details soon!

Since August 27, 2015, we have been blessed to be a part of the Sheboygan County community. We have seen tremendous growth both in services and support, giving all glory to God.

Community Education

When you are considering sex education or human growth and development curriculum for 6th to 12th grades, the abstinence-centered “Choosing the Best” program promotes a holistic, sexual risk avoidance (SRA) approach that strongly promotes delaying sex as the best and healthiest choice.

For more information or to schedule a program, please contact our Outreach and Community Education:

Carol Marksteiner: or 920-452-4673

We provide medically accurate, evidence-based lessons for 6 th -12 th grade students. These programs offer 6-8 lessons per grade level on a variety of topics related to avoiding and preventing sexual risk. Lessons are designed for 50-minute class periods but can be altered to fit the needs of your school. Please reach out to Carol and schedule a program at your school.

Similar to the program for schools, Anchor of Hope provides evidence-based data and interactive programming for church and faith-based groups from a Christian worldview.

Anchor of Hope Community Education Teams are available for community and group health fairs as well as community resource events. It is also our goal to actively partner with community healthcare agencies, providing referrals to best support the community.

Whether you are a homeschooling family or a parent looking for additional information and programming to support teaching sexual health education to your child, Anchor of Hope has the resources available. Our medically accurate, interactive, and easy-to-understand curriculum and resources include information on developing healthy relationships, reducing unhealthy behaviors/risk avoidance, STI/STDs and more sexual health information.

Please contact us at 920-452-4673 and ask for Carol  to learn more and to access the resources.