Youth Impact

The teen years are a time when youth will make vital decisions about relationships, sex, and sexual behavior. In addition to the physical consequences, youth need to understand the emotional, mental, and relational impacts when considering sexual activity. It’s a sensitive issue that will impact the rest of their lives. Sexual Risk Avoidance education is based on a recognized public health model known as “risk avoidance.” All youth need and deserve the information and skills to help make choices that eliminate risk.

Multiple studies show that adolescents who have their first intercourse at earlier ages versus ages 18 and older are at increased risk for a variety of negative health outcomes.  

The negative health outcomes include: 
  • greater number of lifetime sexual partners
  • higher rates of STDs, increasing risks for serious complications (infertility, etc.)
  • higher rates of teen pregnancy
  • lower rates of condom use
  • higher risk of substance abuse (smoking, drinking, and drugs)
  • higher risk of violent behavior and / or experiencing intimate partner violence, both as a youth and later as an adult
  • higher rates of concurrent sexual relationships, both as a youth and adult

Every year a teen “delays sex”, is a win since it reduces the risks noted.