“I was hesitant, but made the call.” As a momma of two angel babies, getting the positive pregnancy test wasn’t immediately exciting. I was terrified. My OB couldn’t see me until 12 weeks and I just wasn’t sure I could wait that long. A friend reached out and suggested I call Anchor of Hope. I was hesitant, […]

Meet Amy

Empowerment comes to each of us in different ways. For many of our female clients, that support system often includes those few friends with which you share everything, including your ‘secrets’. That is Amy’s story (not her real name). When Amy first walked through the doors at Anchor of Hope requesting a pregnancy test, it […]

Stuck in a Crisis

Baby In A Crisis

“I want an abortion, can you help me?” These were the words Menuka said when she walked into Anchor of hope with her infant son one afternoon. After explaining that we don’t perform or refer for abortions, but we would really like to help her, she agreed to an ultrasound. The ultrasound confirmed a properly […]

We Were Both Available

Anchor of Hope Testimonials

Jim – We had just returned from holiday travels and the day we got home, Liz had mentioned she was going in to Anchor the following morning for an unexpected appointment with an abortion-minded younger couple. “Do you know them?” I asked. “No, they just came in today and Jacky scheduled them for Friday morning […]

Testimonial | Liz Hildebrandt

There are times when you need to say yes, especially when it feels inconvenient or may require a sacrifice.   To trust and obey sacrificially often yields a joyful reward.  This week a joyful reward came our way to encourage us to stay the course. Last summer, on a holiday weekend in Michigan, I was […]