Stuck in a Crisis

Baby In A Crisis

“I want an abortion, can you help me?”

These were the words Menuka said when she walked into Anchor of hope with her infant son one afternoon. After explaining that we don’t perform or refer for abortions, but we would really like to help her, she agreed to an ultrasound. The ultrasound confirmed a properly placed baby, just over six weeks with a heartbeat.

When she returned to Anchor of Hope for her second ultrasound, the sonographer heart, “I decided to have the abortion.” She had given consideration to both surgical and chemical options, deciding the surgical procedure would be best for her.

For this mom with no family support, and very little community support, the thought of being a single mom of two children, both under the age of 15 months, would be too much. Although Menuka never believed in abortion, now, facing what seemed to be overwhelming odds and feeling alone, she believed an abortion was her best option.

After seeing the heartbeat and movement during an ultrasound, Menuka began to express a bond with her baby, often referring to ‘my baby; with fondness and a genuine connection to the life inside of her.

During her third visit, Menuka’s determination to go through with her abortion plan was beginning to materialize. She scheduled an appointment for an ultrasound and lab work at a clinic in Milwaukee less than a week later. Clinic staff at the abortion facility told her for $625 and two appointments, she could go through with the scheduled abortion.

Instead, she chose LIFE.

Because of the support and services Menuka received at Anchor of Hope and in the community, she was able to find the hope to choose life for her son!