Meet Amy

Empowerment comes to each of us in different ways. For many of our female clients, that support system often includes those few friends with which you share everything, including your ‘secrets’. That is Amy’s story (not her real name). When Amy first walked through the doors at Anchor of Hope requesting a pregnancy test, it was her sister who stood by her side. As a scared young student, uncertain of mom’s response, Amy had an older sister to lean on through this storm.

Her positive pregnancy test that day confirmed her worst fear: SHE WAS PREGNANT! Amy’s strength and courage to carry her unborn child under mom’s attempts to to influence to abort were remarkable.

Seven months later, Amy gave birth to a precious little girl. At 10 days old, Amy blessed the staff at Anchor of Hope with a surprise visit. This time two sister were by her side as Amy shared her plans to return to school to complete her education. Amy joyfully state, my daughter “makes me motivated.”

Still in school and now an overwhelmed young mom, Amy recently returned to Anchor of Hope for another pregnancy test. This test was also positive.

Shocked, overwhelmed, and determined to terminate her second pregnancy, two encouraging friends stood with Amy as she faced the truth. As the pregnancy test and ultrasound appointments progressed, it became more and more evident that Amy’s mind was set on ‘taking the pills.’ Amy believed her mom would be upset and yet her friends expressed belief in her. Furthermore, the two friends were completely amazed at the evidence of life seen on the ultrasound scree.

Our work, with your help, is needed…

As this is written, many of us are standing in the gap prayer for this beautiful young mom who bravely chose life before and is now facing a second decision. We ask that you join us in prayer for this precious life. We also ask for your financial support to continue being part of her support team, making her choice for LIFE possible.