More Work To Be Done

Abortion Immediately.”

That was the subject line in the email to Anchor of Hope’s online form. The potential client went on to state definitively, “I’m 4 weeks pregnant,” while asking if Anchor of Hope sells “the pills.”

Living in a Post-Roe Wisconsin does not mean that requests for abortion and abortion services have disappeared. They have changed and in faith, we believe they are and will continue to decrease. However, the battle rages.

During WW II, the U.S. and its allies found themselves in two very distinct theaters of battle: The European Theatre and the Pacific Theatre. Similarly, the two theaters for Anchor of Hope (along with the 2700 U.S. partner pregnancy centers) are Abortion Tourism and DYI Abortions, including the online marketplace purchase of abortion-inducing chemicals.

Abortion Tourism 

With the Dobbs decision returning abortion laws and practices to each state, young women considering an abortion decision may face a myriad of confusing considerations. As seen on the map below, our neighbor to the south is one of twelve states providing unlimited access to abortion services. Wisconsin and other states surrounding Illinois are positioned to be “referral” states, establishing appointments for women to receive abortion services in Illinois.

Some abortion providers go so far as to boast abortion advocacy through “highly trained’” Reproductive Healthcare Assistants. (For a disturbing look into a job description, click here. These services can be provided by an 18-year-old with a high school diploma.) According to the job descriptions, the essential duties and responsibilities of a Reproductive Healthcare Assistant include:

  • Obtaining medical history, interviewing and educating clients ensuring informed consent
  • Performing basic lab work (pregnancy tests)
  • Performing options and abortion education per agency protocol, making appointments/referring for follow-up medical services

“Appointments/referring for follow-up medical services” most certainly includes appointments to terminate pre-born babies for a fee. Sadly, many employers have publicly stated their financial support for individuals wanting to travel for abortion services. One list of such companies was published by American Faith and can be viewed here.

DIY Abortions  

A simple search engine inquiry for “at home, self-managed, or DIY abortions” reveals numerous sites sharing remedies for ending the life of a pre-born baby. The most commonly used method shared with our staff from clients at Anchor of Hope is the abortion pill, also called RU-486.

There are reports stating that online sales for chemical abortion medications have skyrocketed in recent months. Abortion surveillance reports indicate over 50% of all abortions in the U. S. are chemical abortions. With state laws protecting the pre-born, many more women are turning to online sources to order abortion pills. The FDA continues to advise women against ordering abortion-inducing pills online, which bypasses a physical exam, or any oversight provided by medical staff.

The Hope We Hold To…

The calls, text messages, completed email forms, and online scheduling messages received at Anchor of Hope often contain “hard stuff.” This can be emotionally taxing as staff members listen and empathize with women reaching out for help.  We celebrate the fact that there is hope each time a staff member has the opportunity to share words of life, hope, and a future with an at-risk mamma. What we often fail to celebrate are the at-risk moms who never walk through our doors but choose life for their pre-born babies anyway. In faith, we believe that hundreds of lives have already been saved in Wisconsin because of the laws that are currently on our books. This is a number we will NEVER know, but we can celebrate because GOD KNOWS!

Our landscape has never looked brighter! Knowing where our battle lies, help us strategize and develop effective plans to win the battle for hearts and minds. Anchor of Hope will continue to move forward providing free life-affirming services with love and compassion to women, men, and children in our community. With God’s help and your continued support, we WILL win this battle.